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World Veterinary Day 2017


WVD 2017    Anti-microbial resistance, from awareness to action

World Veterinary Day WVD

April 29th, 2017 marks WORLD VETERINARY DAY and the theme for this year’s celebration is “anti-microbial resistance, from awareness to action”. The availability and use of antimicrobial drugs has transformed the practice of human and animal medicine. Infections that were once lethal are now treatable, and the use of antimicrobial agents has advanced global health as well as animal health, which is a key component of animal welfare, food security and safety.

Safeguarding the efficacy of these life-saving medications

as well as their availability and effectiveness for both human and veterinary use, is essential to preserve our future. However, overuse and misuse of these drugs in humans, animals and plants sectors has dramatically accelerated the emergence of resistance to antimicrobials.


Veterinary Services including veterinarians and

veterinary paraprofessionals have a key part to play in the fight against antimicrobial resistance, through their role in regulating and supervising the use of antimicrobials, offering professional advice to farmers and animal owners and collaborating with the human health sector.


To continue to progress in disease control management

and in improving animal welfare, veterinarians need to encourage and achieve a sustainable change in behaviours towards a responsible and prudent antimicrobial use.


It is time to turn the words into action!

Share your initiatives and events to raise awareness and fight antimicrobial resistance, and take the chance to win the World Veterinary Day Award 2017!


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