Reference Laboratories

Africa-based OMSA Reference Laboratories

African Horse Sickness

African Swine Fever

Avian Influenza



Contagious Bovine Pleuro-Pneumonia

Echinococcosis / Hydatidosis

Foot-and-Mouth Disease

Lumpy Skin Disease


Rift Valley Fever


Sheep (pox) and goat pox


For the full list of WOAH Reference Laboratories for all registered diseases, please click here.



Twinning with WOAH Reference Laboratories

At present the expertise and diagnostic capacity provided through Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres is located mainly in developed countries. This tendency leads to a geographical distribution favouring the northern hemisphere. There is a need for a more even spread both in terms of geography and countries’ development status. Capacity and expertise needs to be extended to developing and in-transition countries so that they can become self-sufficient in effective surveillance, prophylaxis and control, and that, when justified, reliable evidence and scientific justification can be provided to certify animals and animal products as ‘safe for trade’. One of the main objectives of the WOAH Twinning programme is to ensure a better distribution of the Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres in developed and developing countries.


Download the list of completed, ongoing and approved projects, worldwide


For FAO World Reference Laboratories (EMPRES), click here.

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