The FIRABioT Project is funded by Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs Canada


The FIRABioT Project has been launched by WOAH, with support from Global Affairs Canada, to develop an organisation-wide sustainable emergency management system allowing it to respond to events linked to deliberate or accidental releases of biological pathogens in an agile and efficient manner, incorporate the most appropriate technical response to an emergency and ensuring business continuity. More importantly for the African region is that WOAH will also implement targeted activities to support Members in Africa which will also support the implementation of Signature Initiative to Mitigate Biological Threats in Africa, an initiative of the Global Partnership to Prevent the Spread of Weapons and Materials of Mass Destructions.

The project is to be implemented in nine countries which responded positively to a call for Expression of Interest including Algeria, Congo (Republic), Kenya, Madagascar, Malawi, Morocco, Namibia, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

These countries, working with WOAH and partner institutions during an inception workshop, proposed strategic activities that will be implemented to address gaps in some or all of the four pillars which include:

1. Emergency Management
2. Disease Intelligence
3. Sustainable Laboratories
4. Veterinary Legislation