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Tribute to Professor Andre Parodi (15.05)


Tribute by Dr Monique Eloit, OIE Director General :

“Professor André Louis Parodi died on May 15, 2022.

Professor of anatomy-pathology at the Veterinary School of Maisons-Alfort, which was directed by him from 1992 to 1998, Professor Parodi had a brilliant career as a teacher-researcher, unanimously recognized by his peers in France and abroad. Always passionate about the transfer of knowledge to younger generations and convinced that education allows rapprochement despite differences, Professor Parodi has been very involved in international relations.


Picture of Prof. André Louis Parodi

Thus, he was the initiator of the creation of the Mediterranean network of veterinary education establishments (REEV-Med) in 2012 with the OIE at his side to support him, from the first general assembly which devoted the creation of REEV-Med. Since then, he has continued to promote this network so that the many veterinary schools and universities of the Mediterranean, a region that was so dear to him, join it. Despite the financial difficulties encountered in recent years and the COVID-19 pandemic, Prof.Parodi, helped by all the members of the committee of this network, has never ceased to promote veterinary education in the Mediterranean through the countries. He did it with passion until his last breath.

Allow me to pay him this last tribute for his commitment, his perseverance, and his enthusiasm for veterinary education, as well as for the warmth of his human relations that we appreciated so much.

May he remain in our memories.

Dr Monique Eloit.

Director General”


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