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2nd workshop on Official FMD and PPR country status : advantages for North African countries


The Second technical meeting on FMD and PPR was held from 11 to 12 November at the OIE Sub Regional Representation for North Africa.

Chaired by Dr. Rachid Bouguedour, the meeting joined the five Delegates from the Maghreb countries, the officials in charge of Animal Health of the region, with the presence of Dr Joseph Domenech (OIE HQ), Dr Antonio Petrini (RSR Tunis) and representatives of FAO Tunis.

Dr Hichem Bouzghaïa (CVO Tunisie) and Dr Rachid Bouguedour (OIE Tunis). Picture (c) A. Petrini (oie) 2013

Group picture. Picture (c) A. Petrini (oie) 2013

The aim of the meeting was to establish the conditions needed to allow the three Maghreb countries (Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia), which already have their national control programmes approved by the OIE in May 2012, to prepare a dossier for the official recognition of country free from FMD with or without vaccination.

At the same time Libya and Mauritania began to set up the basis for an agenda leading to the establishment of a control program in a medium and long term.

Regarding PPR the countries of the sub-region have decided to start a common work with the objective of preparing a national control program for PPR that will be submitted to the OIE with a different timing according to the epidemiological situation of each country.

A meeting of a “drafting committee” has been scheduled for the first trimester of 2014

Pictures (c) A. Petrini (oie) 2013

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