Tunis, Tunisia

Meeting of the “Drafting Committee” on official disease status and official control programmes related to FMD and PPR


The meeting was held at the OIE Sub Regional Representation for North Africa from 12 to 14 May 2014. The meeting was chaired by Dr Rachid Bouguedour who welcomed the participants and in particular the Delegate of Tunisia for attending the first day of the meeting despite his commitments in relation to the FMD situation in his country. Representatives from Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia also attended the meeting.

Fltr : Dr Hichem Bouzghaïa (CVO Tunisia), Dr Rachid Bouguedour (OIE Tunis) and Dr Mohammed Bengoumi (FAO).

The Representative of the FAO sub-regional office for the Maghreb region in Tunis and a representative of EuFMD were invited as well. Experts from OIE Headquartes, Drs Joseph Domenech and Laure Weber-Vintzel, also participated in the meeting by delivering presentations for illustrating the Standard Operating Procedures for official recognition of disease and for the endorsement of official control programmes as well as relevant chapters of the OIE Terrestrial Code for FMD and PPR.

The objectives of the meeting were :

  • to discuss the FMD and PPR situation of the countries in the Maghreb region and the control measures taken following the FMD outbreaks in Tunisia,
  • to consider the next steps to be taken by each country of the region for the preparation of national control strategies or submissions of disease status with regard to FMD and PPR and
  • to discuss elements for developing a regional strategy for PPR.

A second meeting is planned in October 2014 acknowledging an agreement of the participants to monitor the progress of the activities undertaken by the Drafting Committee.

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