Nairobi, Kenya

Regional Information Seminar for newly appointed OIE Delegates in Africa and the Middle East (Nairobi)


From June 7 – 9, 2011, recently appointed OIE Delegates took part in an information seminar in Nairobi, Kenya. This was the second seminar of its kind, after the one held in March 2010 in Gaborone.

The seminar included a visit to Farmers Meat, a private cattle abattoir in the vicinity of the capital, boasting a high level of hygiene standards, as well as “Livestock breeders show and sales”, organized by the Brookside company, which is an exhibition held every two years, destined for the competition and sale of the best dairy and beef breeding stock.

Comments made by the new OIE Delegate for Madagascar, Dr. Bibias A. Lalaonirina. Picture © A. Maillard (oie) 2011

This seminar, which was designed to be as practical as possible in terms of presentations made to the participants, aimed to provide Delegates with relevant information on the mandate of the OIE, its activities, as well as its operational procedures, to help them clearly comprehend their rights and responsibilities, as well as those of their focal points, to improve their participation in the development processes of new OIE standards and finally to encourage them to enforce OIE standars at national level, together with the business community.

The seminar was attended by the OIE Delegates (or their deputies) of Benin, Burundi, Djibouti, Gambia, Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritania, Seychelles, Somalia, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. South Sudan was represented by a livestock officer, in the capacity of observer. The meeting was also attended by the OIE Regional Representatives for Africa and for the Middle East, by the President of the OIE Regional Commission for the Middle East and by the OIE Sub-Regional Representatives in Africa, based in Gaborone, Tunis and Nairobi.

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Group photograph. All pictures © A. Maillard (oie) 2011

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