Bamako, Mali

OIE WAHIS training for Animal Disease Notification Focal Points (2011) French


The seminar on the notification of animal diseases (sanitary information training WAHIS II) united 36 participants, including 25 national focal points for animal diseases notification through WAHIS. Out of the 28 countries which were invited only two did not respond (Cape Verde and S. Tomé & Principe).



All pictures (c) D. Bourzat (oie) 2011

The registered Tunisian focal point could not obtain government clearance in time to attend the seminar. The logistics provided by a local event management company, functioned well, although the dedicated 512 Kbps internet connection was barely sufficient to manage the 30 computers in simultaneous connection.

The training course, as usual, was successful, though focal points present expressed the need for more time to be allocated to the practical exercises. They also reiterated that they would prefer to be dealing with one single database in order to avoid repeated data-entry which is both time-consuming and may lead to errors.

All pictures (c) D. Bourzat (oie) 2011

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