Shanzu, Mombasa, Kenya

OIE joins Kenyan veterinarians and dog owners in Mombasa to celebrate World Rabies Day (2016)


Taking advantage of the OIE Regional workshop for English-speaking focal points for veterinary communication from Africa, held in the vicinity of the Mombasa suburb of Shanzu, African communication experts, along with OIE and WHO staff joined the World Rabies Day celebrations, organised by the Kenya Veterinary Association (KVA).

The theme of this year’s celebration : “educate, vaccinate, eliminate”, was seamlessly integrated in the training content for the focal points. Some 30 OIE participants, facilitators and staff joined their Kenyan colleagues for a parade, free vaccinations for dogs and cats in the neighbourhood, neutering of dogs, as well as entertainment in the form of traditional dances and theatrical role-play, demonstrating the dire consequences of not vaccinating your dog.

The OIE is committed to the elimination of rabies from Kenya through the European Union funded “Strengthening Veterinary Services in Developing Countries” project, which runs from 2015 – 2018 and includes extending the use of the OIE rabies vaccine bank to African countries : view the new OIE video on the rabies vaccine bank.

The OIE warmly thanks the Government of Kenya, the Kenya Veterinary Services and Public Health Services, the Kenya Veterinary Board and the Kenya Veterinary Association for having hosted this event with their African brothers and sisters…

All pictures (c) Niels Bastiaensen ( 2016, unless mentioned otherwise

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