Nairobi, Kenya

Ms. Lyne Iyadi joins the Nairobi Representation as Regional Communication Officer for Africa.


On 20 September 2021, Ms. Lyne Iyadi joined the OIE Africa staff, based at the Sub-Regional Representation for Eastern Africa, as Regional Communications Officer for Africa.

Her role will entails amplifying the contributions of the OIE in the region as well as harness and disseminate the different programmatic work through effective communication initiatives and storytelling to increase visibility among different OIE target audience groups.

Furthermore, she will support the four OIE teams (Bamako, Gaborone, Nairobi and Tunis) in the region to ensure that information and messages are shared and exchanged through the OIE key distributional channels and implementation of key communication activities and campaigns, through multi-dimensional OIE communications channels. Lyne will also work closely with the Communications Department at OIE in Paris in implementation of the organization’s OIE communication vision.

Professionally, Lyne is an experienced communication practitioner, specialised in behavior change communication, advocacy, brand public relations (PR) and conferencing. She has worked in the non-profit /development sector, government and private sectors, handling campaigns on animal welfare, water-sanitation-and-hygiene (WASH) and economic development for various programmes. Until recently, Lyne was with the Brooke Hospital for Animals – East Africa as an information and communications specialist where she has been working closely with communities around Eastern Africa to illustrate the devastating effect that the trade in donkey skins has on their livelihoods, through storytelling and behavior change initiatives on the donkey skins trade campaign.

In addition, Lyne has supported general impact communication initiatives in WASH projects by the Kenya and the Swedish governments targeting underserved communities, using multimedia products and digital initiatives to disseminate programme messages and published content she developed.

Outside of the office, Lyne is a lifestyle digital content curator and voice over artist who enjoys travel and photography.

Lyne can be contacted by e-mail through : [email protected]


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