Port Louis, Mauritius

Mauritius declares itself free of ASF


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Self-declaration submitted to the OIE on 23 April 2012 by Dr Deodass Meenowa, Delegate of Mauritius to the OIE, Chief Veterinary Officer, Ministry of Agro-Industry, Food Production and Security, Reduit, Mauritius.

Background information:

Mauritius reported the first occurrence of African swine fever, an OIE-Listed disease, on 19 October 2007 with three outbreaks. On 3 March 2009, six additional outbreaks were reported between 5 May 2008 and 12 July 2008, involving a total number of 9 outbreaks composed of 1472 susceptible animals, 132 cases, with 681 animals dead and 1389 destroyed. The source of the outbreaks was undetermined and the following control measures were applied: stamping out, quarantine, movement control inside the country and zoning. No pork or pork products were allowed to leave Mauritius. Special measures were taken to prevent ASF from reaching Rodrigues Island. This event was considered as resolved on 12 July 2008.

Determination of ASF free status of Mauritius

Considering that:
1. African swine fever is notifiable in the whole of Mauritius and all clinical signs suggestive of African swine fever are subjected to appropriate field and laboratory investigations;
2. an ongoing awareness programme is in place to encourage reporting of all cases suggestive of ASF;
3. the Veterinary Authority has current knowledge of, and authority over, all domestic pigs in Mauritius;
4. the Veterinary Authority has current knowledge about the species, population and habitat of wild pigs in Mauritius.

(a) there has been no new outbreak of African swine fever during the past three years after the closure of the event on 12 July 2008;
(b) no evidence of ASFV infection has been found during the past twelve months;
(c) surveillance has been in place in domestic pigs for the past twelve months;
(d) imported domestic pigs comply with the requirements in Article 15.1.5 or Article 15.1.6 of the OIE Terrestrial Animal Health Code (Terrestrial Code);

Based on surveillance, African swine fever infection has been demonstrated not to be present in any wild pig population in Mauritius or zone, and
(e) there has been no clinical evidence, nor virological evidence of ASF in wild pigs during the past twelve months;
(f) no sero-positive wild pigs have been detected in the age class 6-12 months during the past twelve months;
(g) no wild pigs are authorized for importation into Mauritius.

The Veterinary Services of Mauritius are complying with the provisions of Chapters 1.1, 3.1 and 3.2 of the Terrestrial Code and with the provisions of the African swine fever Chapter 15.1 of the Terrestrial Code (2011) as quoted above and the Terrestrial Manual (2011).



Therefore, and considering the above mentioned information, the Delegate of Mauritius to OIE, self-declares his country regaining freedom from African swine fever (ASF) as of 23 April 2012.