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Jocelyn Merot leaves OIE Tunis office, returns to France

Jocelyn Merot

Jocelyn Merot

Dr. Jocelyn Merot at the training of OIE Communication Focal Points in Mombasa, Kenya, in September 2016.



Dr Jocelyn Mérot, Veterinary Public Health Chief Officer, who joined the OIE Sub-Regional Representation for North Africa on November 1st, 2014, as Programme Officer, just left the OIE on September 11th, 2017. He was in charge of the animation of the networks REMESA and REEV-Med.

With the rest of the team managed by Dr Rachid Bouguedour, OIE Sub-Regional Representative for North Africa, he implemented capacity building programme for the Veterinary Services of the North African Member Countries. He also attended many meetings convened by OIE partners, FAO, World Bank…

At a technical level, he was specifically in charge of rabies control activities and AMR control strategy. He was the focal point on AMR in contact with OIE Headquarters. In this context, he attended several meetings with WHO experts in Tunisia, Morocco and Zimbabwe…

He also followed a specific training in communication organised by OIE Headquarters and was designated as the OIE Regional Communication Correspondent (RCC) for North Africa. As OIE RCC, he facilitated several workshops and seminars in order to improve the capacities of African Members Countries – in link with communication focal points – in communication.

Dr. Jocelyn Mérot came back in his country, France, to work at the Ministry of Agriculture in Paris. He will be in charge of implementing at the Directorate general for economic and environmental performance of entreprises (DGPE) a strategy to support trade of French agricultural and food sectors in link with the private operators.

The OIE wishes Dr Jocelyn Mérot every success in his new position.

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