Queen Elisabeth Nat.Park, Uganda

Anthrax outbreak in Queen Elisabeth National Park in Uganda



Uganda has notified the OIE that since June 2010, 92 hippopotamuses and 9 buffaloes have been reported dead as a result of anthrax (B. anthracis). 

Anthrax outbreaks within Queen Elizabeth National Park normally occur during the dry season when pastures are scarce. The last outbreak of anthrax in hippopotamuses in Uganda occurred in this park in 2004-2005; a total of 300 hippopotamuses died (10% mortality rate). Massive sensitization of the public has been undertaken. The dead animals are being buried in a 3-meter-deep pit, and a surveillance programme has been instituted in and around the park. Monitoring of the disease in domestic animals around the affected areas is ongoing.

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Uganda (2010)


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