Valletta, Malta

8th REMESA JPC Meeting


Malta, 28 March 2014. The 8th meeting of the Joint Permanent Committee (JPC) of the Mediterranean Animal Health Network (REMESA) was held in Valletta, Malta, on 27 and 28 March 2014. The meeting was attended by 11 CVOs of REMESA member countries, representatives of the European Commission, Arab Maghreb Union, FAO, OIE, ANSES, CIRAD, EU-FMD. The JPC was co-chaired by Malta and Mauritania (which hold the co-presidency of REMESA for 2014).
Group Photo
The agenda of the meeting included discussion on FMD, PPR, Rift Valley Fever, Rabies, camel?s diseases, veterinary education in the region and vaccine bank.
The participants thanked warmly the CVO of Malta for the very successful organisation of the JPC and for the outstanding hospitality that was reserved for them.
Based on formal requests from Jordan and Lebanon and after consulting the various network members, the accession to REMESA network of these two countries was validated.
In 2015, Greece and Algeria will hold the REMESA presidency

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