Tunis, Tunisia

7th REEV-Med Executive Committee meeting (Tunis)


Group photograph. Picture  © A. Ripani (oie) 2018.

The 7th REEV-Med Executive Committee (EC) meeting was held in Tunis (Tunisia) on 12 April 2018. It was officially opened by the President, Prof. Nihad Fejzic (Bosnia and Herzegovina). The Honorary President, Prof. André Laurent Parodi (France), the Vice-president, Prof. Ehab Abu-Basha (Jordan), the Treasurer, Dr Isabelle Chmitelin (France), the Secretary Prof. Abdelfettah Ettriqui and Prof. Pier Paolo Gatta (Italy) were also present. By contrast, Prof. Naim Deniz Ayaz (Turkey) could not attend this meeting.

The OIE Sub-Regional Representation for North Africa acted as secretariat and administratively organised the meeting. The meeting was opened by the President providing the other members of the EC with the positive feedback from the 6th REEV-Med General Assembly held on 13 December 2017 in Hammamet (Tunisia). In particular, it was mentioned the democratic adoption of the REEV-Med Statutes and the commitment of the members to support the network. It was also highlighted and recalled the crucial role of the OIE in the functioning of the network. The financial report of the Association was presented by the Treasurer, Dr Isabelle Chmitelin who provided an overview of the membership fees.

The EC agreed that the adoption of the Statutes during the 6th REEV-Med General Assembly was a significant step for the development of the network and therefore, based on this achievement, the network should make the state of play of the evaluation processes being done in the region and encourage members to embark such evaluation pathway. It was also mentioned the need of valorasing the actions of the network and encourage members to undertake concrete projects and activities in the region. To this end, it was proposed to elaborate an “explanatory paper” highlighting the importance of having a close cooperation between veterinarians in the Mediterranean region for addressing challenges on veterinary public health and animal health. It was discussed also the importance of the network for building trust between faculties and facilitates the exchange of students as well as to implement common research activities.

The next General Assembly would be held in Turkey in the second semester of 2018.

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Tunis, Tunisia

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