Hammamet, Tunisia

3rd General Assembly of the REEV-Med network (Hammamet)


In the framework of strengthening veterinary education in the Mediterranean basin, a Network of Establishments for Veterinary Education (REEV-Med in French) was created in 2012 in Rabat (Morocco). The establishment of the REEV-Med network is the result of a process started in October 2010 in Paris during the workshop organised at the National Veterinary School of Alfort in collaboration with the TAIEX Office of the European Commission.

The main objectives are to encourage and reinforce the collaborations between Veterinary Education Establishments (VEE) among the two Mediterranean shores and to implement in the North African region an evaluation process for EVE similar to the evaluation applied at the European level.

The European Association of Establishments for Veterinary Education (EAEVE) accepted to participate in the process of evaluating establishments for veterinary education in the region through REEV Med.
To achieve these objectives, REEV-Med network would use the tools and materials developed by the OIE, such as:

  • The OIE recommendations on the competencies of graduating veterinarians (?Day 1 graduates’) to assure National Veterinary Services of quality;
  • The OIE Guidelines on Veterinary Education Core Curriculum;
  • The Guide to Veterinary Education Twinning Projects.

The OIE Sub-Regional Representation for North Africa based in Tunis provides the secretariat of the network.

The 3th General Assembly of the REEV-Med network (9 December 2014)

About thirty participants representing establishments for veterinary education from the Mediterranean area attended the 3th General Assembly of the REEV-Med. This meeting was held on 9 December 2014 in Hammamet (Tunisia) and it was coupled with the 2nd Congress of Tunisian Veterinary Technical Groups (GTVT).

This third General Assembly was an elective session in accordance with the Statutes of the Association so as to elect the President, the Vice President and the additional members of the Executive Committee since their mandate (2 years mandate) arrived at the end. By contrast, the election for renewing the Secretary General and the Treasurer (3 years mandate) will be held at the next General Assembly in 2015.
The results of the official count showed that the General Assembly – by unanimous votes – re-elected the past eligible members:

  • President (2 Years) – Prof Noursaïd Tligui (Rabat, Morocco)
  • Vice-President (2 Years) – Prof Stéphane Martinot (Lyon, France)

Additional 3 associate members (2 Years):

  • Prof Hani Mohamed Gohar (Cairo, Egypt)
  • Prof Fella Hafsi Redjimi (Alger, Algeria)
  • Prof Eugenio Scanziani (Milan, Italy)

The meeting also was the opportunity to make the state of play of the network and discuss further initiatives to strengthen the collaboration between the two shores of the Mediterranean.
It was emphasised the increased number of participants in the General Assembly of the REEV-Med network since its creation and underlined as this network is currently entering into the active and productive phases according to the objectives of the network.

The 2nd Congress of Tunisian Veterinary Technical Groups (GTVT).

All the participants of the General Assembly of REEV Med – after the closing of the meeting – joined the opening of the plenary session of the 2nd Congress of GTVT organised in the same venue. The Congress was opened by the Head of the Cabinet of the Minister of Agriculture, the Director of Veterinary Services of Tunisia and the president of the national veterinary national statutory body of Tunisia.
The OIE – through the OIE Representative for North Africa – also participated in the opening ceremony. The subject of the congress was sanitary crisis and related management and, in this respect, Dr Bouguedour, delivered a presentation entitled OIE and sanitary crisis. The second day (10 December) several workshops were organised in relation to different topics

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