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2nd Rinderpest challenge winners: who are the best players in Africa?


The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) announced the winners of the 2nd OIE Rinderpest Challenge on the 12 February 2020. The Challenge which ran between 15 January and 12 February 2020 recorded over 12,300 participants from 121 countries.  For four weeks, players across the globe competitively learned how to diagnose Rinderpest, how to handle potentially dangerous material in laboratories with caution, and to win points for their country.



The challenge is now closed, yet players can continue to train!

A new record was set with Uzbekistan winning by a total of 4,129,060 points. Uzbekistan, player Narziev Nurmukhamma, a student at Samarkand Institute of Veterinary Medicine achieved the highest score with a total of 798,440 points and will be  attending the 88th OIE General Session in May 2020. At the same time, Uzbekistan will be officially recognised before the OIE World Assembly for its formidable participation in the game.

Egypt ranked 3rd for the first time with 392,870 points becoming the African winner, followed by Kenya (9th) with 88,690 points and South Africa, last year’s winner and now 10th, with 80,250 points. Congratulations to all participants and participating countries !

The top 100 countries’ scores for the challenge can be viewed at the website:

Rinderpest is the first ever animal disease to have been declared eradicated by the OIE and the FAO. Yet, a resurgence is still possible.

The purpose of the campaign 

  • To ensure that the memory of Rinderpest is still vivid in the new generations of veterinarians and laboratory technicians, even though it has been eradicated and that key players in animal health are fully aware of the role that they still have to play in this post-eradication era.

How to play

As a veterinarian, you will have to detect animals infected with rinderpest virus amongst animals suffering from different diseases globally,


As a laboratory technician, you will join laboratories around the world to assist them with the management and disposal of Rinderpest Virus Containing Material  (RVCM) while trying to unravel the truth concerning the source of the rinderpest outbreak.

Maintain our world free from Rinderpest, play the game and save the world!

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