N'Djamena, Chad

OIE training Focal Points for wildlife (N'Djamena) Cycle III (French)


From January 14 to 16th, 2014 the OIE held a training seminar for “wildlife” focal points from francophone countries. The seminar was held in N’Djamena, Chad and was attended by focal points from 20 countries out of the 26 African countries which were invited. The Chadian authorities showed great interest in this event since no less than four Ministers were present at the opening ceremony.

This third cycle training course for wildlife focal points was organised by the Regional Representation of the OIE for Africa, assisted by the Animal health information department and by the Scientific and Technical Department of the OIE Headquarters. Focal points further benefited from the expertise of the Canadian Cooperative Wildlife Health Centre, VETAGRO Sup (France) and the Director of the National Park / Eco-Reserve of the Baouley River in Mali.

All pictures (c) Daniel Bourzat (oie) 2014

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