Musanze, Rwanda

Rwanda validates the National Action Plan (NAP) for Veterinary Paraprofessionals


The World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH) recently facilitated a stakeholder engagement workshop that brought together veterinary paraprofessionals, trainers, VPP training institutions, veterinary education regulators, veterinarians, NGOs, and veterinary input suppliers from all over Rwanda, who converged in Musanze to finalise and validate the development of the Veterinary Paraprofessionals’ (VPPs) National Action Plan (NAP).

The 2-day workshop brought together close to 50 participants who engaged in intense discussions that helped to clearly define their roles as members of the National Working Group (NWG). This included review and recommendations on the progress of VPP workforce development activities, information exchange and sharing, and dissemination of the skills acquired from these training to other VPPs in their various regions.

Picture (c) L. Iyadi  (woah) 2022.



The workshop was also characterised by a high level of learning and participation and commitment to veterinary workforce development with agreement by stakeholders to steer the PC-TAD project and address gaps which were identified during the workshop.

Furthermore, the participants noted that engagement of the private sector is critical in the process as they play a key role in VPP workforce development because they form the bulk of the VPPs employers in the country.

The Government of Rwanda is committed to supporting and fighting transboundary animal diseases. There exists an abundance of graduates from the TVET institutions, who could be used to assist in the dissemination and implementation of projects. It is critical for them to be supported and their capacity enhanced to do this as part of the VPP development.

Dr. Fabrice Ndayisenga, WOAH Delegate for Rwanda

The participants also highlighted the need for VPPs in the profession to benefit from an enabling environment that ensures their career growth and progression, for them to remain within the veterinary profession. Among other gaps identified,  capacity building and training opportunities were highlighted as a key pathway to address and consequently strengthen the veterinary workforce in Rwanda.

The workshop gave them an opportunity to engage through group discussions, networking and collaboration,  laying the ground for the development of an enabling environment for VPPs with a focus on strengthening the veterinary workforce in Rwanda.

All pictures (c) L. Iyadi  (woah) 2022.

Recognition, regulation, integration, and education of VPPs will strengthen the veterinary services in the country

Dr. Simon Kihu, Programme Officer (VPP & PPR) at WOAH

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