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Applications for OIE Elections 2018 (Specialist Commissions)


The role of the OIE’s Specialist Commissions is to use current scientific information to study problems of epidemiology and the prevention and control of animal diseases, to develop and revise OIE’s international standards and to address scientific and technical issues raised by Members.

The OIE is continuing to improve the transparency of its standards development process, in order to have the best scientific basis for its standards and to gain their widest possible support. All reports from OIE Specialist Commissions are published on the OIE public website and incorporate as appendices the accepted reports from relevant OIE Working Groups and ad hoc Groups. The OIE does not solicit comments on these reports other than from Delegates, but will not refuse comments from organisations with an interest in the OIE’s work, as they often represent a very useful source of information. For more details, read the “Transparency in the OIE standards development process” paper.

More information for interested scientists and subject matter experts :


Election procedures

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