Palermo, Italy

5th General Assembly of the REEV-Med network (Palermo)


The 5th REEV-Med General Assembly was coupled with the 70th SISVet (Società Italiana delle Scienze Veterinarie) Congress that was held in Palermo (Italy) from 13th to 16th of June 2016. REEV-Med members were invited to participate to its opening ceremony. After speeches of official local representatives and representatives of the veterinarian Italian community, Dr Jean-Philippe Dop, Deputy Director General of the OIE, stressed the crucial role of education in ensuring the excellence of the veterinary profession. He reminded the main objectives of the Network of Establishments for Veterinary Education (REEV-Med in French) that was created in 2012 in Rabat (Morocco) in the framework of strengthening veterinary education in the Mediterranean basin:

  • encourage and reinforce the collaboration between Veterinary Education Establishments (VEE) around the Mediterranean basin;
  • implement in the North African region an evaluation process for VEE similar to the evaluation applied at the European level.

As a conclusion, he presented the 4th OIE Global Conference on Veterinary Education that will be convened in Bangkok (Thailand) on June 22-24 2016 whom slogan is “Learning today, protecting our future.”

During the workshop on “EAEVE evaluation of the Veterinary Education Establishments in the Mediterranean region” following the opening ceremony, the new procedure of evaluation carried out by the EAVE was presented, as well as the activities of OIE in the field of veterinary education with a particular focus on the Mediterranean basin. Outcomes of evaluation processes carried out in the past were presented with highlighting the most frequent major deficiencies observed and the way to correct them.

The 5th REEV-Med General Assembly was officially opened by Pr Tligui (President of the REEV-Med). More than thirty participants representing establishments for veterinary education from the Mediterranean area attended this elective meeting aiming to designate the new members of the Executive Comity.

After presentation of the morale report and the financial report respectively by Pr Tligui and Pr Kichou (Vice- President of the REEV-Med and ex-Treasurer), Pr De Meneghi shared with the participants the experience of an example of cooperation currently going on between two REEV-Med members: “Erasmus+ Project between Hassan II Institute of Agronomy & Veterinary Medicine of Rabat (Morocco) and University of Turin (Italy)”.

After the discussion on the statutes, the elections were carried out under the supervision of the Honorary President (Pr Parodi) and the Secretariat (Dr Bouguedour) of the REEV-Med. The results of the vote are as follow:

  • President: Nihad Fejzić (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • Vice-president: Ehab Abu-Basha (Jordan)
  • Secretary: Samir Ben Romdane (Tunisia)
  • Treasurer: Isabelle Chmitelin (France)
  • Other members: Pier Paolo Gatta (Italy) – Naim Deniz Ayaz (Turkey)

Dr Nihad Fejzić, Dean of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (University of Sarajevo), and new President of the REEV-Med, thanked the participants for their confidence. He wished to bring all his experience to the development of the network. He also proposed that the first tasks of the new Executive Comity will aim to collect the registration fees of new members and improve the statutes of the REEV-Med Association as suggested by the General Assembly.

The outgoing (Pr Noursaïd Tligui, left) and new elected (Dr Nihad Fejzic) President of the REEV-Med


Dr Jean-Philippe Dop congratulated the new members of the Executive Comity elected for the next two years. He highlighted that there was a balance between representatives of Northern and Southern countries in agreement with the objectives of the OIE. He also reiterated the willingness of the OIE to support the REEV-Med.

The new board of the REEV-Med (from the left to the right): Prof. André Laurent Parodi (Honorary President of the REEV-Med), Dr Nihad Fejzic (President of the REEV-Med), Dr Ehab Abu-Basha (Vice-president of the REEV-Med), Dr Samir Ben Romdane (Secretary of the REEV-Med), Dr Rachid Bouguedour (Secretariat of the REEV-Med), Dr Pier Paolo Gatta (Member of the REEV-Med), Dr Isabelle Chmitelin (Treasurer of the REEV-Med). Not on the picture: Naim Deniz Ayaz (Member of the REEV-Med).

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