Our mission

The OIE's missions are centered around the following 6 mandates :

Ensure transparency in the global animal disease situation
Each Member Country undertakes to report the animal diseases that it detects on its territory.

Scientific information
Collect, analyse and disseminate veterinary scientific information

International solidarity
Encourage international solidarity in the control of animal diseases

Sanitary safety
Safeguard world trade by publishing health standards for international trade in animals and animal products

Promotion of veterinary services
Improve the legal framework and resources of national Veterinary Services

Food safety and animal welfare
To provide a better guarantee of food of animal origin and to promote animal welfare through a science-based approach


The following selection of technical themes reflects how these mandates are being implemented in Africa :

Contributing to the elimination of dog-mediat...

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Fostering a broad coalition to enable the era...

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Implementing WOAH's strategy on antimicrobial...

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Keeping pace with the rapid growth of the aqu...

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Picture © P. Bastiaensen (oie) 2019

Promotion of veterinary services : Improving ...

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Protecting animal health at the wildlife live...

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Honey bee health

Securing the health of wild and domesticated ...

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Veterinary Statutory Bodies

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Veterinary Educational Establishments

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Veterinary Medicinal Products

Working towards regulatory convergence and ha...

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