Capacity building (training of OIE national focal points)


The capacity-building efforts of the OIE focus on enhancing the understanding of international standards, guidelines and related concepts on animal heath, veterinary public health, animal welfare and trade, as well as on enhancing the participation of member states in the standard-setting processes.

Capacity building is conducted in all areas of the OIE’s mandates and targets OIE Delegates as well as 8 categories of national subject matter focal points.

Capacity-building seminars are organised on a regional basis (continental or sub-regional level, by language) and tailored to the specificities of the respective regions. Within the framework of the SVSDC+R project, capacity-building supports the following national focal points :

  • Animal diseases notification (WAHIS)
  • Aquatic animal diseases
  • Laboratory diagnosis
  • Veterinary products (drugs and vaccines)
  • Veterinary communication
  • Wildlife (surveillance)