Regional training workshop : import risk analysis for African swine fever (French language)


The recent ASF pandemic spreading in Asia and Europe has seriously devastated the global pig industry. Since 2019, ASF has become a global priority transboundary animal disease (TAD) for the GF-TADs coordination mechanism and a global initiative for the control of ASF has been launched in 2020.

In line with the WTO SPS Agreement Member Countries have the right to protect animal life or health, to manage overall risk reasonably and effectively. A country’s import health measures must be based on international standards (WOAH); or import risk analysis. The import risk analysis is justifiable in the absence of a relevant standard; or when a Member country chooses to adopt a higher standard of protection than the international standard provides.

The Regional training workshop on import risk analysis for African swine fever (ASF) will be undertaken by the WOAH Sub-Regional Representation (SRR) for Eastern Africa for French – speaking African Member Countries (26)  from 27 September – 1 November (6 sessions at one-week intervals).

The broad objectives of the training include, but are not limited to:

  • build capacity in understanding the epidemiology of ASF, including the various value chains that typify pork production in Africa.
  • build capacity in risk assessment for national veterinary services for Member countries,
  • review the current knowledge of African swine fever in Africa region English speaking countries,
  • conduct qualitative assessment of the risk of spread of African swine fever risk associated to entry, exposure, consequence of ASFV and determine risk pathways to strengthen ASF control.

This webinar is supported by GF-TADs

Meet the trainers

  • Lina Awadi, World Animal Health Information and Analysis Department, WOAH, France
  • Patrick Bastiaensen, Sub-Regional Representation for Eastern Africa, WOAH, Kenya
  • Charmaine Chng, Standards Department, WOAH, France
  • Emmanuel Couacy-Hymann,  Virology laboratory, CNRA, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Laibané Dieudonné Dahourou, Regional Representation for Africa, WOAH, Senegal
  • Djassi Edoukou, International consultant, ASF expert, Côte d’Ivoire
  • Peter Evans, South African Pork Producers Organisation, SAPPO, South Africa
  • Moetapele Letshwenyo, Sub-Regional Representation for Southern Africa, WOAH, Botswana
  • Noel Murray, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canada
  • Edward Okoth, International Livestock Research Institute, ILRI, Kenya
  • Mary-Louise Penrith, University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Cécile Squarzoni, Agricultural Research Centre for International Development, CIRAD, Reunion Island
  • Gregorio Torres, Science Department, OIE, France
  • Karim Tounkara, Regional Representation for Africa, WOAH, Mali
  • Sharon Tsigadi, Farmers Choice Ltd K, Kenya

Risk word written on wooden cubes

Six sessions are foreseen :

  • Opening and general outline
  • Epidemiology of ASF in Africa with an emphasis on trade related risks
  • An overview of value chains associated with swine production and marketing in Africa
  • Business continuity in the context of ASF : zoning and compartmentalisation
  • Applying the WOAH Import Risk Analysis Framework to facilitate safe trade
  • Summary and closeout

Note that this is an event exclusively targeting accredited national veterinary officers and identified observer and partner organisations. No public registration links will be published here.

Contact : Dr. Patrick Bastiaensen and  Dr. Laibané Dieudonné Dahourou, Programme Officers, WOAH


This training round follows a similar one for English-speaking countries, conducted in November – December 2021

Recommended reading

Regional strategy for the control of African Swine Fever in Africa (AU-IBAR, FAO, ILRI) In English / En Anglais
Regional strategy for the control of African Swine Fever in Africa (AU-IBAR, FAO, ILRI) In English / En Anglais

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OIE ASF Compartmentalisation Guidelines (English / Anglais)
OIE ASF Compartmentalisation Guidelines (English / Anglais)

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